Your local oven cleaning specialists The environment is important to us all so why use caustic chemicals if you do not have to. Zest Oven Cleaning use a unique bio-degradable 100% safe cleaning system using no harmful chemicals either in your home or in our van mounted cleaning facility, where all removable parts from your oven and appliances are cleaned. Our eco-friendly approach is driven not only by our concern for the environment, we value our own health just as importantly as yours. As we use the cleaning products daily we feel it is important that there are no harmful or toxic fumes. Services Following our pre-clean inspection of your appliance the work area is then protected against any mess that may be created during the cleaning process. Ovens All shelves, racks, liners and the fan guard are removed to be thoroughly cleaned in our van mounted cleaning facility. All carbon and grease is then removed from both the interior and exterior of the oven, including around the fan and between the door glass. After a final polish all removed parts are then reassembled leaving your oven professionally cleaned, fresh and ready to use. Hobs Any removable parts are thoroughly cleaned in our van mounted cleaning facility. The hob is then degreased, cleaned and polished to a shine. Extractors Degreased and new primary filter fitted free if needed. Stainless steel/aluminium filters are degreased. The exterior is cleaned and polished. and…. Zest Oven Cleaning can give same care and attention to your Range, AGA and microwave. Van mounted cleaning facility Call 01394 387182 or e-mail Call 01394 387182 (8 am to 8 pm) or e-mail